Air Scrubber by Aerus

When unexpected germs appear in our communities, it becomes even more crucial to protect your family and loved ones from lingering airborne particles. Purifying the air that you, your loved ones, coworkers, etc. breath reduces the freeborn pathogens inhaled. Invite people into your home or workspace knowing you can confidently say, “Come inside for a breath of fresh air.”

AGES Services Company is excited to offer the Air Scrubber by Aerus. This product will remove dangerous pollutants from the air you breath every day. The technology was developed by a team of NASA scientists aiming to eliminate combustible gases onboard the International Space Station. The original application was then transformed by Aerus into use by high-risk laboratories and commercial and industrial locations by dramatically reducing the number of airborne contaminants and allergens.

Today, the scientific knowledge is available for home use in addition to workspaces and can easily be installed by one of our expert technicians. Laboratory testing has shown an over 99% reduction of microbes after just 48 hours of treatment using the technology from the Air Scrubber. A 65% reduction can be seen after only 8 hours of treatment. *


How Does the Air Scrubber work?

  1. Uses the humidity and oxygen present in the air
  2. Transforms them into powerful oxidizers
  3. Wipes out pathogens and microorganisms in the air and on surfaces

Think about the airborne particles, chemicals, and germs you are exposed to in any given day. Imagine you step on the sidewalk where someone had set a bag of garbage after getting over an illness. It is not common to sanitize the bottom of your shoes before stepping into your home for the evening. Using the Air Scrubber, you don’t have to worry about tracking in microorganisms from outside. Your surfaces and the air you breath, whether in your home or in your workplace, are protected and purified. Reach out to AGES Services Company to start breathing easy today with the freshest air around.

*Scientific testing has demonstrated the use of ActivePure Technology to substantially reduce airborne contaminants. Field results may vary based on environmental conditions. These results have not been evaluated by the FDA.


Air Scrubber by Aerus

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